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From the historic shores of Saint Andrews, across the green-blue waters of the Bay of Fundy, beyond where the Old Sow whirlpool churns and the East Quoddy lighthouse shines, live some of the last great wonders of the world. Yes! We have feeding whales, playful porpoise, soaring eagles, sunning seals, sometimes Puffins and more. Much more! Incredible tides rush between the islands, whilst you ‘zip’ over the waters and experience the fullest of the ocean salt air and Bay of Fundy wonders.

Larger zodiac type vessel: 36 feet, this vessel allows for more space for our guests, improved seating comfort with back rests and space for a private bathroom on board.

Safety:  Additional safety include the life rafts on all vessels, (you will note that smaller zodiac vessels in the Bay may not carry life rafts).  This affords maximum safety when traveling further offshore where the whales may be located that day.  We also have the added onboard Certified life jackets for adults and children,  positioning locator devices and certified Captains.

Successful encounters with whales exceeds 95%.  Experience the excitement of the high speed on the way out and back from the whale feeding area and of course we stop for all the sights and for guide information. Our high speed vessels provide opportunities to see whales further off shore (season and weather conditions depending).

Longer tours:  The tours are approximately 2.5 hours in duration allowing you to have the extra time to relax and enjoy the whale sightings.  The all important bathroom on board our two high speed vessels allows us to spend more time with the whales plus ensure you experience all that the Bay has to offer that day.

Ride in improved comfort Spacious forward facing bench seating with backrests and 4″ cushioning.  The owner, Joanne, worked previously as a physical therapist and recommended the improved comfort seating.

Bathroom:  Both of our motor vessels have a private bathroom on board which provides you that extra reassurance in case it is needed.

The VIP Jet Boat Speeding Across the Bay of Fundy with a Boat Full of Passengers Waving, New Brunswick

"Worth it just for the ride!" VIP Jet Boat



Your hosts Joanne and Robert Carney purchased the 72-foot ‘Jolly Breeze’ Tall Ship in 2004 and have taken out over 120,000 guests on whale watching and sailing adventures departing from Saint Andrews NB. We expanded in 2016 with our new high speed jet drive VIP Zodiac vessel and in 2019 with the Nautica Motor vessel.

The Nautica Motor Vessel is a larger at 36 foot fiberglass vessel equipped with two quiet 250 HP Honda outboard engines and travels at speeds up to 40 MPH).  There are cushioned bench seats with back rests.   Guests do sit when traveling but may stand up when the boat is stopped.   This vessel is recommended for ages 5 to 75, <350 lb.

Experience the excitement of the Bay of Fundy whales and wildlife in a small group atmosphere of up to 12 passengers each boat providing excellent viewing.  Speed will be adjusted for sea conditions, guest comfort and wildlife viewing.

Although our high speed vessels are a fun way to get out on the water, this can sometimes be a bumpy ride and is not suitable for everyone. This tour is not recommended for anyone with a history of serious medical conditions.  This includes but is not limited to, anyone who is pregnant, those with back or neck problems, osteoporosis, or recent surgery.  There is also a weight and age restriction for the speed vessel.

The Nautica High Speed Zodiac Filled with Whale Watching Guests Ready to Explore the Bay of Fundy, Saint Andrews

VIP Nautica


Our vessels follow Transport Canada regulations for 12 passenger vessels, are equipped with advanced navigational equipment and a life raft.

NAUTICA MOTOR VESSEL: (starting May long weekend) You will be provided a flotation suit or life jacket for this tour depending on the weather conditions.  We also have some wind breakers to borrow if needed.  Flotation suits are not required on this vessel though we may recommend them on a colder day.  Weight Restriction 350 lb.  For ages 5+.

The whales, seals, Bald Eagles and dolphins of the Bay of Fundy are graceful and spectacular and sure to be a highlight of your vacation!

  • Passenger capacity limited to 12
  • Larger zodiac, 36 feet in length
  • Exhilarating speeds up to 40+ MPH
  • Forward bench seating with back rest and cushioning
  • Life raft, enhanced safety gear
  • Small Bathroom on board
  • 2.5 hour tours approximately
Passengers Smiling as the Wind Blows them Away on their Jolly Breeze Jet Boat Tour in Saint Andrews, New Brunswick

"Slice of Life"

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We are excited to be able to combine our biggest loves… Nature Wonders, High Seas Adventure and Smiling People.