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Owners Joanne and Rob Carney on the Jolly Breeze in Saint Andrews, New Brunswick


Your hosts, Joanne and Robert, purchased the the Jolly Breeze of Saint Andrews Tall Ship in 2004. Forming Jolly Breeze Whale Adventures, we were able to combining three of our biggest loves… Natural Wonders, Sailing Ships and Smiling People.

We started sailing soon after we met in 1993 on a 21 foot sailboat, then a 26 foot Contessa and finally we built our 37 foot Sparkman and Steven’s live aboard sailboat from a hull and deck. We lived on that sailboat with our cat ‘Catch-A-Mouse’ full time for 9 years and sailed to Cuba, Bahamas, and the East coast of the US, Maine to Florida and back. Robert’s parents live in Saint Andrews and we fell in love with the area and the sailing community when we sailed into port. We also fell in love with the Tall Ship.

We hope that you enjoy your tour, the wildlife and the boat as much as we do! Yarr Matey.

Captain Randy from the Jolly Breeze Whale Watching Tours Showing Kids How to Tie Knots


Randy started working for the Jolly Breeze at the age of 14 when he stowed away on the Tall Ship after a whale watching tour.

Since 2005, he has progressed from crew, to Engineer and then to Captain extraordinaire of the VIP Nautica and Zodiac vessels. He is known to spot whales from more than a mile away and has an uncanny sense of where they will come up next. In the winter months, he teaches pottery, having trained for two years at the NB college, and has also become an award winning carver of whales, other wildlife and creating model sailboats.  Having grown up right here in Charlotte county and with so many years experience on the water, Randy has proven to be an excellent whale finding scurvy scallywag.

UPDATE 2024:  Congratulations to Randy Russell who has now been hired as a zodiac Captain for the Campobello Whale Rescue Team!  So glad we could be apart of his development as a competent zodiac Captain.

Crew Member and Captain Taeo in the Crows Nest of the Jolly Breeze, Saint Andrews


This fearless rogue began working on Tall Ships at the age of 15, having started out in Toronto on the STV Pathfinder of Toronto Brigantine. He continued working on ships of all sizes in the Great Lakes, from the sweltering heat of the Caribbean south, across the Atlantic ocean to the frigid north of Europe and faced many storms, becalmed days, and even pirates. Taeo has worked on/off for the Jolly Breeze since 2010 and is now here to stay, working as Tall Ship Captain, Engineer and pirate extraordinaire.

Scandalous, bombastic, dominating; these are the words that some would use to describe Captain Taeo Tsagkaris, however in practice this sailor has a heart of silver and a belly full of compassion.

Crew Member Courtney of the Jolly Breeze Whale Watching Tour Observing a Whale in New Brunswick

COURTNEY: Marine Biologist and Manager

Hi, I’m Courtney and I have been spending my summers as a naturalist and marine biologist on the Jolly Breeze since 2012.

I have a degree in Marine Biology from UNB Saint John, and have been interested in all things marine for as long as I can remember! Seal pups, “Minke Mittens”, and the more rare shark sighting are a few of my favourite things to see while on the water. Whales and sea turtles hold a special place in my heart, and I have spent time in the Caribbean working on both a whale watching boat and turtle nesting projects.

UPDATE: I am also involved with conservation projects working to protect the areas and animals we are lucky enough to visit while whale watching in the Bay of Fundy!  I am currently working on the development of an MPA (Marine Protected Area) in the Quoddy Islands where we whale watch.   See you on the water this summer!

Crew Member Erin the Whale Watching Expert on the Jolly Breeze Ship at Sunset

ERIN: Biologist/Zodiac Captain

I grew up on Deer Island, New Brunswick. For as long as I can remember I have loved going out on the boat around the Western Isles, especially to go whale watching. Needless to say this is an absolute dream job.  I work as both a biologist on the Tall Ship and as a Captain of the VIP Nautica and zodiac.

I’m extremely passionate about the marine environment and love educating others about the wonders of the Bay of Fundy.

I studied at the University of New Brunswick and have a degree in Biology. For the past few years I have worked on the Jolly Breeze during the summer months, then traveled to warmer climates during the winter. So far I’ve been to Southeast Asia, Costa Rica, parts of Europe, Australia, and Fiji. Where to next?

Update 2022:  My partner Grant and I started our own business with Dome Glamping.  Book with us at Tidal Retreat Glamping!

CLAUDIA: Bilingual crew and niece of owners!

Hello my name is Claudia and this will be my second year as crew member 2024!  I will be attending  my first year at the University of Ottawa and studying business finance.  I’m so excited to meet all of you guys,  create fun memories and share my knowledge with you in both French or English!

Claudia was born during our second year of operating the Tall Ship Jolly Breeze and now she is working for us!  We are so happy to have her join in our family business.

JAYDE: Bsc Biology

Hey there! My name is Jayde and I am SO excited to be apart of the Jolly Breeze Whale Adventures crew working as a guide!

Originally from Muskoka, I recently graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Biology from Trent University 2023.  Ever since I was a child I have been drawn to the ocean, between the beach combing, animal watching and the ever-expanding open sky it has always been a dream of mine to live along its coast.

I am excited to share with  you the knowledge I’ve learned regarding the fantastic and extravagant species who frequent the Bay of Fundy, while indulging in joyful conversation with individuals from all walks of life!

KARA: office manager and crew

Hi there! My name is Kara. I moved from Ontario a few years back and have loved every second living out on the east coast. Shortly after moving, I began to work at Jolly Breeze. I grew a love and passion for something I didn’t know I had, working out on the water, teaching people about the sights at sea, viewing such beautiful creatures, and having fun doing it. It really is a dream being able to have such a job, sharing my knowledge with people coming to visit from all around the world, along with working with such a great crew.

Update 2024: Kara recently obtained a full-time job with the town of Saint Andrews, but is looking forward to helping in the office and tours during the peak season.

Jolly Breeze Crew Member Maya With a Mountainous Lake in the Background

MAYA: Biologist/Zodiac Captain

Hi, I’m Maya and I graduated from the Biology program at the University of British Columbia.

Recently, I was a part of a marine ecology field course and got to study marine organisms all along the west coast from BC to California! I have spent most of my life snorkeling and exploring marine life all across the globe and recently became a certified diver, getting the chance to get up close to sea turtles, stingrays and sharks! I grew up in New Brunswick and have spent several summers on the bay of Fundy, so I am looking forward to getting back to such a special place and working with the Jolly Breeze!

I was proud to get certified as a Captain of the VIP Nautica!

UPDATE 2022.  I am continuing my training to be a medical doctor but still love to come to Saint Andrews and visit my whale friends when I can.

Jolly Breeze Crew Member Bob on the Whale Watching Ship

BOB: Engineer

I am Bob, Dad or what ever title fits!

I am one of the Engineers and story-tellers on the Jolly Breeze. I have been a member of the crew from inception of the business but now, being in my eightieth year, I am on the brink of retirement (but they won’t let me retire…).

In my earlier years, I was an entrepreneur – upholsterer, short order cook, furniture store owner and restauranteur. In retirement I have become a wood carver specializing in birds. I also teach woodcarving, having approximately 20 students, who range in age from 14 to nearly 80. During the summer months I have been happy to assist my daughter-in-law Joanne and son Rob with their whale watching and nature observing business.

UPDATE 2022:  currently retired but still a behind the scenes helper!

GABY: Life Science Degree. Bilingual crew member

” Hello! I’m Gaby.  From a young age, I’ve always been passionate about animals and science. After graduating from Queen’s University with a Life Science degree, I’ve embarked on various animal-related roles. I worked full-time as a Veterinary Assistant in Ottawa and had the amazing chance to volunteer in Kefalonia, Greece with loggerhead sea turtles! My time in Greece ignited my passion for marine conservation, leading me straight to Jolly Breeze Whale Watching Adventures! With a lifelong love for whales, I’m thrilled to not only pursue my passion in this role but to educate others on marine wildlife! “I am excited to apart of the Jolly Breeze team and share with you my knowledge about St. Andrew’s and all the Bay of Fundy wonders!

AIDAN: Environmental Engineering, crew

Welcome aboard everyone!  2024 will be my third year as a member of the Jolly Breeze crew. I’m currently a student at Dalhousie University studying environmental engineering.  I’m so excited to spend the summer aboard the jolly breeze and to spend it with all of you! I love meeting new people and sharing my knowledge with you.  So excited to see all of you!

A Jolly Breeze Crew Member Holding a Carved Wooden Humpback Whale Sculpture, New Brunswick

ELAINE: mom!

Even though I am the owner’s mother, I go on every trip I can to see whales. Have had some amazing experiences like finding three humpback whales sleeping. They stayed with us for two hours!

The Jolly Breeze is a wonderful teaching opportunity for children and adults to learn about these magnificent creatures. In the picture I am holding a beautifully carved whale made by Randy Russell (one of the employees), given to me on my 75th birthday.

Jolly Breeze Crew Member Amelia at the Docks of Saint Andrews

AMELIA: crew

Hey! My name is Amelia.

I have been a crew member aboard the Jolly Breeze since 2013 and I absolutely love my job. I have grown up in St Andrews by the Sea my whole life. From a very young age, I was introduced to the Bay of Fundy as my parents were previous owners of a whale watching vessel. I have a huge passion for marine wildlife and the ocean as a whole and can’t wait to share my knowledge with you!

Welcome Aboard!

UPDATE 2024: I have a new career in dentistry and am also training as a teachers assistant and I got married in the fall of 2023!   I still enjoy getting out on the water whenever I can.  Who can resist such beauty!

Jolly Breeze Crew Member Katherine Smiling as She Works on the Ship

KATHERINE: Marine biologist

My name is Katherine and I started working as a Marine Biologist for the Jolly Breeze in 2015.

I earned my degree in Marine Biology from the University of New Brunswick. In the winter, I work in the school system however, my heart still draws me to return to the Jolly Breeze during the summer season to get back out on the water to visit with my whale ‘family’. I love the Tall Ship with all that it has to offer guests of all ages and I hope to be able to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with you as well.

I have gone on to get my teachers degree and share my knowledge and enthusiasm with high school students, however, I still have to get my fix each summer filling in shifts on the Jolly Breeze!


Jolly Breeze Crew Member Dave Standing on the Bow Spirit at Sea


Hello, My name is David and I’m one of the Captains of the Jolly Breeze Tall Ship.

I’m from Halifax, Nova Scotia. My grandfather was a fisherman and I grew up wanting to work on the water like him and my cousins who followed in his footsteps. I’ve worked on Tall Ships, supply vessels, seismic research vessels and fishing boats. Many years ago I got my captain’s license for the jolly breeze and have been very grateful for the opportunity to drive such a beautiful vessel. In the off season I also worked on a lobster boat and during the summer I love to get out for sails on my own 26 foot sail boat.

I have progressed my career by working with the Coast Guard and still love to fill in as Captain of the Tall Ship Jolly Breeze.

Basically you can find me on the Bay of Fundy most days of the year!

Ella: Environmental Science

Hi there! My name is Ella. I was born in Ontario but have always been drawn to the coast.   I am a graduate of the Environmental Sciences program at Holland College, although I do not want to stop there?  I want to become a Marine biologist one day and put in the work to conserve our precious whale population.  My first season on the Jolly Breeze was boatloads of fun and taught me how much cooler it was to work on a Tall Ship! I am elated to welcome future guests aboard and share my knowledge on everything sea!  Welcome aboard.

The Jolly Breeze Whale Watching Crew Member Genny

GENNY: bilingual biologist

My name is Genny and my enthusiasm for marine creatures is what drives me to be on the water all summer long!  I have been a bilingual guide for and friend of the Jolly Breeze for countless years!

I have a degree in Biology from Mount Allison University, and even though I was born and raised in Montreal, I fell in love with the ocean when I moved to New Brunswick. I had the greatest job at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre at one point, playing with seastars all day, and feeding our two beloved seals. Since I have been sailing all my life, I moved on my sailboat for a while here in St Andrews, and soon joined the Jolly Breeze crew and fell heads over heels in love with whales and porpoises! In the winter, I am fortunate enough to be able to offer a high school environmental science class through the Ganong Nature Park. In the summer, I also run a tour company, ‘Turtle Shore Adventures’ once again sharing the very cool stories from this town to many of our guests.

Join me the next time you are in town! I enjoy sharing my passions and knowledge to all visitors, in French or English.

VAL: Bilingual Crew, Engineer, sailor

Hello!  My name is Val.  Even though I studied forest management at UNB, I was born to be on the water. I have spent many years sailing on the Bay of Fundy, and even sailed south one year with my wife, Genny. When I am not sharing my passion for whales and wildlife aboard Jolly Breeze Tall Ship, I help other sailors fix their boats, sail on my own boat and volunteer with the youth sailing program in St. Andrews.  Having been born in France,  growing up in Quebec and being a sailor, I am always in the mood for a good story, in both French or English.

LINNEA: bilingual marine biologist

Hello, my name is Sequoia.

I am currently studying at Dalhousie university working on my Bachelor of Science degree. I have been working with the company for just a few years now and I still appreciate each trip I’m on. I grew up in St. Andrews my whole life and I spent majority of it admiring the beauties of nature and I hope that when you come on a trip with us I can share a little bit of that beauty and history with all of you!

The 2017 Jolly Breeze Crew Photographed Climbing the Tall Ship's Rigging in Saint Andrews, New Brunswick