A day out on the water is always a great day, especially on our unique Tall Ship or the specialized Jet Boat, along with the beautiful islands, wonderful wildlife, picturesque lighthouses and so much more.

The peak season for whales in our area is July, August and September with the tip of the pyramid normally being about the last week in August. Last season we had a 100% success rate at seeing at least one whale during July, August and September on both the Tall Ship and the VIP Jet Boat. June can have a variable success rate between 75% to over 95% depending on the season as more whales continue to migrate to the area. October has a fewer overall number of whales as they start to migrate south however we can normally still find at least one whale. There may be a couple missed trips that month at seeing whales due to this lower number and also due to more challenging weather conditions.

The first species of whale to arrive to our area is the Minke whale, normally about the end of May or early June and they increase their numbers gradually throughout June. The Minke whale is about 25 feet long, normally surface fairly often and can sometimes be curious.

The next species to arrive is normally the Fin whale in early July. The Fin whale or finback whale is the second largest whale in the world after the Blue whale, measuring at about 75 feet in length, (as long as the Tall Ship!) and is the fastest whale with the tallest blow.

The Humpback whales normally arrive in August however last season they arrived earlier, by the third week in July, putting on a fabulous show for guests. They are about 55 feet in length and are the whales that flip their tail up as they make a deep dive.
There is a chance to see the Endangered Right whale (fewer than 450 left in the world) with possible sightings after mid August into October.

The seals, Harbour porpoise and Bald Eagles (also a few whales) stay in our area of the Bay of Fundy year round.
Sea birds can be spotted all season long including Blue Herons, Cormorants, many Gull varieties, Bald Eagles and Eagles nests, Greater and Sooty Shearwaters, Black Guillemots, Northern Gannets, Common Murr, Common Terns, and sometimes Puffins. The nesting sea birds are raising their young on White horse Island Preserve in May and early June.

The Bay of Fundy and it’s many Islands is amazingly beautiful on it’s own at any time with the red rock cliffs, picturesque light houses, local history and the healing fresh salt air.

‘Long may your big jib draw!’