The Jolly Breeze has the lowest seasickness rates of any of the vessels that run in our area. (<1 in 3000). This is due to many factors.

The Tall Ship is the largest and heaviest vessel in St. Andrews with the 9 foot deep keel, 72 foot length and overall tonnage of the vessel. This does not allow the Tall Ship to ‘bob’ on top of the water and you experience less movement in the waves.
The front jib sails also help to stabilize the motion by limiting potential side to side rocking.

The jet boat also has low seasickness rates (1 in 1000). The jet boat does tend to venture further offshore if the weather permits and this can increase the risk of seasickness slightly. However, it is a larger zodiac at 33 feet and the forward facing seating helps with less motion sickness.

We are also fortunate with whale watching out of Saint Andrews that we have the many islands that shelter us from the ocean swells and is considered ‘sheltered’ waters for the majority of the trip on both vessels. You can always see land on your voyage.

The Tall Ship is stable for all ages including babies, infants, and up to seniors. There is a solid steel guard rail up the adult hips and a life line above that. There is one seat for everyone and guests feel comfortable exploring the ship at leisure as well. The Jet Boat is suitable for ages 9+ only and those looking for some added speed and high seas adventure.