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26 Jul, 2022

Whales and fish do look similar and even live in the same water. However, arre whales fish? NO! See article.

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23 Jul, 2022

DULSE INFORMATION AND RECIPES! Best local dulse is known to be from Dark Harbour, Grand Manan, New Brunswick. Outstanding nutritional value and excellent taste. Try these recipes to start!

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‘Thar She Blows’! Whale blow identification

18 Jul, 2022

Whales can be identified just from their blows, even from a mile away! The different whales have different shapes and heights of their blows.

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Guests Holding and Interacting with Starfish from the Whale Watching Touch Tank, Saint Andrews, New Brunswick

Seastars And Limb Regeneration

5 Apr, 2022

Seastars have an amazing ability to regenerate a limb if one is lost due to predators, trapped by a rock or other reasons. Much is research is being done on this regeneration process. We, as humans, cannot yet regrow a limb! The following explains the 3 basic phases of regeneration limb growth.

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The Triangular Dorsal and Caudal Fin of a Shark in the Bay of Fundy, Spotted on a Whale Watching Tour, New Brunswick

The Mackerel Shark Family

29 Mar, 2022

Although mackerel sharks are large and heavy, they are very agile and active fishes that are fast swimming.

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