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Jolly Breeze

YE and each of you are adjudged and sentenced to be carried back to the place from whence you boarded.
- Captain Herdman, President of the vice-admirality court 1722 (adapted)

The trip: After you are welcomed aboard and receive the often humorous safety speech, we will travel across the Passamaquoddy Bay, viewing seals that may be sunning themselves on rocks if the tide is low and swimming nearby if the water is high, until she reaches the playground of the whales, the rich feeding grounds of the Bay of Fundy that entice the whales to this region year after year. Once among the islands porpoise and sometimes white sided dolphins will often approach the boat to enjoy some "boat wake surfing."

All the while we are keeping a sharp lookout for MINKE and FINBACK WHALES and if it is into August and September, HUMPBACK and RIGHT WHALES. Once spotting the whales we shall idle and serenely view them. They may surface nearby, as sometimes they are as curious of us as we are of them, or they may dive down and surface elsewhere, in which case we will gradually travel over to them without disturbing their feeding pattern.

CRUISE GUIDES are presented to you upon purchase of your ticket. On board there is an ongoing nature and historical interpretation provided by our knowledgeable and friendly crew, with a focus on humor of course! Our experienced crew will teach you about the local wildlife including the Minke, Finback and Humpback Whales, Harbor and Grey Seals, endangered Harbor Porpoise, Bald Eagles, and plentiful sea birds. You will learn about the history of St. Andrews, St. Croix Island and Samuel de Champlain, Old Sow Whirlpool, Campobello island and Roosevelt's summer home. We pass by many lighthouses, including the famous East Quoddy Head Lighthouse. See first hand and learn about local industry including aquaculture salmon cages, herring weir fishing, lobstering, urchin diving, fishing and scalloping from our experienced captain.

Jolly Breeze

We are proud to be a Bay of Fundy Recommended Experience as awarded by the Bay of Fundy Tourism Partnership. This award is an earned designation and the Jolly Breeze is committed to sustainable tourism and quality whale watch experiences.

Code of ethics: The "Jolly Breeze of St. Andrews" is whale watch friendly. We shall maintain a recommended distance whilst viewing, however should they surface alongside the boat, close enough that you can look into their eyes then we shall consider ourselves lucky and make no attempt to run them over by trying to move away. The "Jolly Breeze of St. Andrews" does not engage in any herding practices.

View one of our brochures below:

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