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Jolly Breeze

It is always cooler on the water. Long pants, shorts or a skirt doesn't matter, but a windbreaker will be required at some point during the trip. Upper body warmth is the first and foremost consideration.

Even though you are aboard a luxury sailing vessel, that has won a prize for her beauty, fashion is not essential, but for those of you who do not want their boating attire looking mismatched bring your own windbreaker.

Sunscreen is also advised. 3 hours on the water turns the face, neck and ears an unflattering shade of beet.

Shoes need mention. The damage to the teak deck from stiletto heels warrants a total ban. Everything else is acceptable.

Jolly Breeze

A hat is a good idea. A cautionary note here. If it is your most treasured hat in all the world please make sure it stays securely attached to your head. As capable as Captain Troy LeBlanc, there have been times when a hat overboard has stayed overboard.

Umbrellas or parasols- just say "no". They will be confiscated before lines are cast off.

Binoculars are recommended.

The "Jolly breeze of St. Andrews" is camera friendly. It is safe to take the camera/video aboard.